Satellite LNBF Twin Output AIL107TH

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Satellite LNBF Twin Output, Dual Polarity KU Band 10.7GHz LO PLL AI

Satellite LNBF Dual Output Dual Polarity KU Band LO 10.7GHz PLL.

Stable Phase Locked Loop controlled Local Oscillator.

  • Higher Gain
  • Ultra Compact Design


Product Code: AIL107TH
Outputs: 2
Input Frequency Range: 11.7GHz to 12.75GHz
Output Frequency Range: 1000MHz to 2050MHz

L.O. Frequency: 10.7GHz
L.O. Accuracy: Initial Accuracy (@ 25C): ±1MHz
L.O. Temperature Drift: -30oC to +60oC: ±1.5MHz

L.O. Phase Noise:
@ IKHz Offset: -60dBc/Hz
@ I0KHz Offset: -80dBc/Hz
@ I00KHz Offset: -95dBc/Hz

Noise Figure: @ 25C: 0.7dB (typical)
Conversion Gain: @ 25C: 60dB to 72dB
Gain Flatness: 6dBpp (typical) / entire band 1.5dBpp (typical) / 27MHz
L.O. Spurious: -30dBm max.
Image Rejection: 40dB min.
Output VSWR: 2.0:1
Cross-Pole Isolation: 20dB min.

Supply Voltage:
Vertical Polarisation: 10.5V to 14.5V
Horizontal Polarisation15.5V to 21.0V

Current consumption: 115mA max.
Load Impedance: 75Ohm
Reflector Type: Offset
F/D Ratio: 0.6
Feedarm Mount: 40mm Ø
Storage Temperature: -30C to +60C
Output Connector: 75Ω F Type

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