Solder Paste Sn63 Pb37 Leaded 15g Syringe H1640

SKU: 9321758158548


This Leaded solder paste has been developed to offer extremely broad process windows for printing, wetting and pin probe testing. The superior wetting ability of the paste results in bright, smooth, shiny, solder joints. It offers very low post process residues, which remain crystal clear and probable even at the elevated temperatures required for today's lead free alloys.

It has shown to reduce or eliminate voiding under micro-BGAs. Offers high humidity tolerance and a chemistry developed for use in air reflow. Slump and humidity tolerances found in the paste extend the useable life in facilities where environmental control is not at its optimum.15g Syringe.

Please Note: We recommend that this product is stored in a cool space, not in a shed or tool box in hot temperatures. As we store it in fridges in-store we also recommend waiting until the product reaches room temperature to use it for optimal use.


  • Broad Printing Process Window
  • Reduces Voiding under Micro-BGAs
  • 24 Hour Stencil Life
  • Clear Pin-Probe Testable Residue
  • 12-14 Hour Tack Time
  • Excellent Wetting

Technical Data Sheet


Material Safety Data Sheet

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