Thermometer - Non Contact Body Thermometer QM7422

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Get fast and accurate temperature readouts via the infrared sensor without needing to come in contact with the source.

Simply press the measure button and the result will be displayed on the large backlit LCD display in less than a second.

Unit can switch between object and body to allow you to measure liquids, such as baby milk, surfaces and even air temperature.

Automatic fever alarm above 37.3°C, switchable between Centigrade and Fahrenheit, accurate to +/-0.2°C.

  • 34°C – 43°C temperature range (Body mode)
  • 0°C – 100°C temperature range (Object mode)
  • Automatic fever alarm above 37.3°C
  • 5cm-10cm measuring distance
  • +/- 0.2°C accuracy
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries
  • 3 month warranty


Note: Stock may vary from store to store, some units have the buttons on the back where other units have the buttons on the side of the unit, they operate the same.


Measures in Celsius : true
Outdoor / Exterior Scale : 0°C, 100°C
Indoor / Interior Scale : 34°C, 43°C
Celcius Accuracy : 0.2units
Measures in Fahrenheit : true
Outdoor / Exterior Scale : 32°F, 212°F
Indoor / Interior Scale : 0°C, 118°C
Fahrenheit Accuracy : 0.4units
Thermometer Resolution : 0.1°C
Display Type : LCD
Display Backlight : LED Backlit
Display colour : Green (Normal), Yellow (Low Fever), Red (High Fever)
Length : 138mm
Width : 95mm
Height : 40mm
Weight : 50g
Size / Shape : AAA
Type : Alkaline
Battery quantity : 2pc
Packaged Volume : 1.38l
Packaged Weight : 0.15kg
Packaged Length : 12.5cm
Packaged Width : 5.5cm
Packaged Height : 20cm
Automatic Shut-off : 18sec

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