TOA Wireless Mic Kit 64 Channel Belt Pack Kit with Uni-directional Tie Clip Microphone WT5800PTU



 TOA WT5800 is a 64 channel UHF true diversity wireless microphone receiver designed or use on the UHF band, and suitable for vocal or speech reinforcement applications.

Launch into the world of reliable TOA wireless microphone systems. Designed for use with a range of wireless handheld microphones, to lapels, to headsets.

It features a compander circuit which minimises the influence of ambient noise.. The receiver features a half-rack space or surface mounted unit that features 64 UHF selectable frequencies, automatic channel detection, radio frequency scan (RF check), an intuitive control panel and a large LCD. Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4″ phone connections are located on the rear. BNC antenna inputs and outputs are provided, and the receiver may be used for distributing radio signal to additional receivers.

Wireless Microphones work on radio frequencies that enable the sound to travel through a transmitter to a receiver. Wireless Microphones are cable free. No need for annoying cables.

Wireless Microphone systems are ideal for a variety of applications – everyone from stage performers to reporters to educators.

Package Includes:

WT5800PTU 64 Channel Belt Pack Kit with Uni-directional Tie Clip Microphone 1x WT5800F01AS, 1x WM5325F01AS and 1x YPM5300 True Diversity Diversity, Rack Mountable. F01 Band (636-666MHz)

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