Ultrasonic Cleaner 35W Digital Display X0102

SKU: 9321758226926


Price breakthrough for consumer ultrasonic cleaning! This handy 35W ultrasonic cleaner is great for general household cleaning of small items such as jewellery, spectacles, small parts and more. It uses ultrasonic waves to blast dirt, grime and grease from tiny crevices that would normally require tedious cleaning - the ultrasonic cleaner does it just minutes! Features a 600ml tank measuring 155 x 98 x 52mm. 90 second to 12 minute cleaning modes.

Note: Not recommended for continuous use in a production environment ie: a situation where the unit is not switched off all day.


  • Stainless steel 600ml tank
  • 42KHz ultrasonic transducer for intensive rinse
  • Front panel with timer control and time indication
  • Degas pulsing mode to help remove even more grime
  • Ideal for cleaning small parts, jewellery, glasses, shaver heads etc.

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