Uninterruptible Power Supply PSDR800 800VA Defender Rack Mount D0884

SKU: 9346909001030


The all new Defender Rackmount 800 UPS expands the successful Defender Range by building the popular features into a Rack Mount style.
At 230mm deep, this is the perfect UPS for shallow, wall mounted Comms cabinets. This versatile UPS uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to minimise the effects of fluctuations in input voltage, protecting your valuable equipment from power line disturbances whilst also incorporating the best surge protection in its class.

Note: this model features an Intelligent SNMP Communications Slot.


  • Offering the best protection in its class, protecting against damaging surges
  • Modern, stylish LCD display indicates voltage in/out, amount of load and remaining capacity
  • The AVR automatically bucks/boosts unstable fluctuating utility voltages, bringing them within 10% of nominal voltage range and thereby protecting valuable equipment
  • Compact design at just 230mm deep
  • Intelligent slot for SNMP communications card
  • Battery is easily hot swappable and user replaceable
  • Designed to run cool without fans
  • After an extended power outage the UPS will turn back on and resume equipment functionality once power has returned
  • Allows for orderly shutdown without software
  • Free, downloadable NetGuard software provides complete power monitoring
  • The plugged in UPS will continue to charge internal batteries whether the unit is on or off
  • Comes standard with 6 Australian sockets and 2 IEC outlets. Of the 6 Australian outlets, 4 can be used with plug packs
  • The UPS can turn on equipment when it is off, simply by connecting equipment and turning the UPS on
  • Plug and play on any computer or NAS drive


Powershield Product Range


  • Model Number: PSDR800
  • Capacity: 800VA / 480W
  • Topology: Line Interactive
  • Voltage: 240Vac (Nominal)
  • Voltage Range: 177-290Vac
  • Frequency Range: 50/60Hz (auto sensing)
  • Output Voltage: 240Vac ± 10%
  • Frequency Range (Batt. Mode): 50Hz or 60Hz ±1Hz
  • Transfer Time: 6ms (Typical)
  • Waveform (Batt. Mode): Simulated Sine Wave
  • Australian Outlets - UPS & Surge Protection: 2x 10 Amp IEC Sockets, 6 x Australian Sockets
  • Battery Type & Number: 12V / 9AH (x1)
  • Typical Recharge Time: 4- 6 hours recover to 90% capacity
  • Backup Time (50% Load): 8 min
  • Full Protection: Overload, discharge and overcharge protection
  • Surge Protection: 312Joules / 6500Amps
Communications and Management
  • Interface: USB as standard, Intelligent slot for PSSNMP
  • Software: NetGuard supports - Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac (Free Download)
  • HID: Supports Windows, Apple, Linux, NAS and various industrial controllers
  • LCD Alarm: AC Mode, Battery Mode, Low Battery (Batt. Mode), Fault, Overload
  • Audible Alarm: Battery Mode, Low Battery (Batt. Mode), Fault, Overload
  • Dimensions: 230L x 438W x 86H mm
  • Net Weight: 7.7kgs
Operating Environment
  • Temperature: 0-40°C
  • Humidity: 0-90% RH (non-condensing)
  • Noise Level: Less than 5dBA @ 1 meter (no fan)
  • Safety/EMC: EN62040-1 -1 2003, IEC60950-1 : 2001, EN62040-2 2006
  • RoHS Directive: 2011/65/EU

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