Universal T10/211/BA9S LED Retrofit Kit with 24x SMD LEDs

SKU: ZD0587


Fantastic little kits to upgrade your car/caravan/boat's interior lighting with LED technology. Each kit consists of an array of LEDs on a board with 3M adhesive foam backing, making it easy to retrofit into almost any existing light. There are 3 bases which can connect to T10, 211, or BA9S sockets. The base is then connected to the SMD LED array, couldn't be easier! The LEDs will give greater lifespan and brighter light in many cases.

Also available:

* Universal T10/211/BA9S LED Retrofit Kit with 21 x SMD LEDs - ZD-0585
* Universal T10/211/BA9S LED Retrofit Kit with 36 x SMD LEDs - ZD-0589


Light Rating Lumens : 310lm
LED Power : 3W
LED Quantity : 24pc
LED Voltage : 12
Illuminated Colour : Cool White
Length : 45mm
Width : 25mm
Packaged Volume : 0.05l
Packaged Weight : 0.01kg
Packaged Length : 7cm
Packaged Width : 6.5cm
Packaged Height : 1cm

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