USB Extender Kit Wireless Infra-Red Remote A0930

SKU: A0930


Allows you to repeat infra-red control signals from your TV to remotely located equipment. Bi-directional IR control allows control of both AV source equipment & television from either room. Easily powered by any USB port either on the rear of your TV, Amplifier or from a nearby wall outlet. Allows easy connection to IR targets & emitters (included).

Note: A single target and emitter are provided with this kit, however if you wish to use bi-directional IR control an extra target (A 0923) and emitter (A 0924) must be purchased.


  • Compatible with all universal full band carrier frequency infrared remote
  • Better IR receive sensitivity (distance), over 7 meters
  • Long range transmission up to 100 meters (open space)
  • 915.1 MHz RF technology to ignore current 433MHz RF-interference
  • FSK modulation:
  • Better signal sensitivity than ASK modulation
  • Better anti RF-interference than ASK modulation
  • Better noise suppression
  • Digital encrypted function ensures safety and reliability
  • Supports Individual and broadcasting IR control
  • Channel pairing function.



  • Open Range: 100m (open space)
  • IR Frequency: 20-60kHz
  • Receiving distance: 7m
  • Max operation current: 15mA
  • Power: Requires USB port (1A).

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