USB To RS232 Converter D2340B

SKU: 9321758140628


Converts USB A type plug to a DB9 RS-232 serial plug. Suits most operating systems. 1.5m lead. Supports Windows and Mac OS X.

There are still a lot of RS-232 compatible devices out there despite a lack of RS-232 inputs on modern computing devices. So this handy adaptor will help interface between your RS-232 device such as a modem, GPS, printer, security system, microcontroller board, and your computer. Quick and easy to set up!


  • USB Specification Rev. 1.1 compliant.
  • Supports RS232 Serial interface.
  • Over 250Kbps data transfer rate.
  • Supports remote wake-up and power management.

OSX Driver

Windows 10 Drivers

Driver Updates 2016

Android Drivers

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