7" Master Paging Console For Source Controllers A4660

SKU: 9321758248805


This 7" touchscreen LCD paging console provides paging control to a host of Redback products. No matter which product it is connected to, the console provides a central point of control for paging activation with useful features in-built such as pre and post announcement chimes, adjustable automatic microphone gain (AGC) control and output level control.

Plus on designated Redback products the settings menu allows for selection of button colour theme, zone labelling, input and installer renaming. It also allows you to adjust haptic button feedback, screen sleep settings, backlighting/dimming timers. To facilitate simpler paging, it offers the ability to record announcements, provide announcement playback, store and recall multizone selections.

The features available on the console vary according to what Redback device it is connected to. A guide to these is available below.

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